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CEO & Accountable Manager 
Airbus A320 TRE 

Patrick has 35 years of aviation experience as a captain and examiner with the French Navy, low cost, charter and national airlines in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Has flown over 30 different types of twins, tri, and four-engines aircraft.

Patrick has 15 years of experience in managing the best airlines in the world, following IATA training such as the diplomas first module of Advance Master Airlines Operations, People Performance Management and Safety Performance.

Experienced in setting up an ACMI airline, Patrick has held management positions as flight operations, training, safety, SMS manager and technical pilot.

In his spare time, Patrick builds an aerobatic aircraft kit: Vans RV 7.


Quality & Safety Manager 

Eric VIALE is the Quality & Safety Manager of FlyLux Airlines


Eric has an extensive experience of management and flying instructor ( TRI)  in the Aviation industry with more than 20 000 h of flight time on multi engine aircraft and 17900 h as a captain.

Eric graduated as a French Navy Pilot and instructor , worked for several major airlines as captain on Airbus A319- A320 – A321 Neo and Boeing 737 – 500 , 737 NG.


Head of Training
Airbus A320 TRE 

Thomas Paul van Gool is the Head of Training and Technical Pilot at FlyLux Airlines.
Thomas is an experienced airline pilot with demonstrated history in aviation training and airline management. He is a passionate and skilled person focused on delivering the highest level of aviation training. He is an expert in technical aeronautical documentation and development of pilot training programs.
Thomas worked as deputy Head of Training in various Airlines and also held the position as Head of Standards and Technical Pilot Airbus A330. He is qualified as TRI /TRE on various Airbus types and experienced Captain on the A320/330/340. 
As Head of Training he is also responsible for the development of airline policies and standards in the Flight Operations and Flight Crew Training Department.  


Technical Director

Olivier BOURDAREAU is the Technical Director for Technical Operation at FlyLux Airlines.

Taking care of the CAMO side of the part 145, he worked as an aircraft engineer on Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.


IT Manager

Fabio CASTAGNA is the IT Manager at FlyLux Airlines and Airbus A320 Captain.

Fabio has been in the Airline Industry for about 11 years accumulating experience on B737, A320, A330 and A350 types while leveraging his IT background to modernize aviation business practices.

Fabio's specialization is on the data link technology, ACARS traffic analysis and work flows automation.


Ground Operations 

Maella ANDRE is the Ground Operations Manager at Katarlux Airlines.

Maella has multiple experiences in the performance, team and safety management in the airline operation.

Maella worked as Project Manager, she was in charge of implementing a cross-functional project over a two year horizon, as Ground Ops Manager and Security Deputy Director, she was in charge to ensure safe and efficient ground operations management.


COO / Operation Manager

Graduated from Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), he took part in the set-up of multiple airlines in Asia and Pacific for a total of 15 years.


After an experience as Captain and instructor TRI/TRE for a major middle east airline, he’s now sharing this extensive management expertise and passion with FlyLux Airlines as flight operations post holder and COO. 



Flight Operations Manager 
Airbus A320 TRE 

Gianfranco is a seasoned airline operations leader with over 30 years’ experience in aviation, including 23 years in senior management positions.


Gianfranco has led operations teams on a wide range of aviation challenges, from starting up airlines to leading teams of up to 1500 crew and office staff through a complex merger process.


With more than 15,000 flight hours on different types of aircraft in passenger and cargo operations worldwide, Gianfranco is a current Instructor and Examiner on the Airbus A320/A330/A340.


Gianfranco holds a Master’s Degree in Air Transport Management, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, an MBA, a General Management Certificate and has recently been certified as Project Manager. 




Nowadays, the environment has become a major challenge in our society. To meet the green expectation of today's customer, FlyLux Airlines was created proposing a new ACMI airline concept on new and eco-friendly Airbus A320 Neo.

We are a new innovative airline based in Luxembourg, offering maximum  connectivity within Europe, we fly on our brand new Airbus Neo. Thanks to this aircraft we are able to reduce our fuel consumption for about 20%cut by  half our noise disturbance and decrease our carbon dioxide emission for about 700 Tons less per year.

Financed by world class recognized investors.

Managed by an highly experienced professionals Team, with an average of 25 years in the aviation industry operating as a low cost airline. FlyLux Airlines offers a new concept of ACMI aircraft lease services, charters, VIP flights and cargo around the world in a greener manner to meet today's customer expectation. 


At FlyLux Airlines, your safety come first. Our other core values are quality and comfort for our clients.


FlyLux Airlines
Stay Tuned for our latest news!

Latest achievement.

FlyLux Airlines is glad to announce that has obtained Luxembourg RCS!

The company has been registered in Luxembourg, marking the beginning of our great adventure.

March 31, 2022

Working on it.

One more milestone for FlyLux Airlines:

on June 9, 2022 a Letter of Intent has been signer between our management and the airline main investor.


More news will follow soon!

June 9, 2022

Our next goal.

With the RCS in place and the funding arranged, FlyLux Airlines last objective will be to secure the Air Operator Certificate.

This will mark the final step before lift off...

To be announced..